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Congress reauthorized the current version of the IDEA in 2004. The name of the law is now the Individuals with Disabilities Education and Improvement Act of 2004 or IDEIA. The law will generally still be referred to as the IDEA 2004.
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The United States Department of Education  issued new regulations to comply with the changes in the IDEA in 2004.
Along with the regulations, the United States Department of Education also developed:

Resources Explaining the Changes

The House Committee on Education and the Workforce (the  House committee responsible for developing the IDEA's proposed changes) developed a Guide to Frequently Asked Questions that helps explain the IDEA 2004's requirements.
The Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS) of the United States Dept. of Education released a series of documents that review the changes in IDEA 2004, including changes in the procedural safeguards provisions, IEP's, and discipline.
The United States Department of Education (USDOE) also has a new website with IDEA resources. The website  has technical assistance documents that explain the changes in the IDEA and specific topics like IEP's, discipline, highly qualified teachers, etc.

View the  Congressional Research Service's analysis of changes in the IDEIA

Reauthorization & Learning Disabilities

National Center for Learning Disabilities Report on IDEIA 2004: Changes to the Identification & Eligibility Procedures for Specific Learning Disability (SLD)

Response to Intervention (RTI)
Part of the changes to  the IDEA in 2004 included a different way to identify students with learning disabilities called Response to Intervention or "RTI." The following resources provide information about RTI:
NCLD's Parent's Guide to Response to Intervention  (pdf document)
NCLD's LearningZone on RTI
Transcript of NLCD seminar about RTI (provides explanations and answers to common questions about RTI)
RTI Blueprint for Practitioners, Policymakers & Parents (pdf document)
Responsiveness to Intervention and Learning Disabilities (a pdf document) explanation of RTI implementation of RTI in Schools
Response to Instruction in the Identification of Learning Disabilities: A Guide for School Teams
University of Vanderbilt's IRIS Center Star Legacy Modules on RTI and Differentiated Instruction
National Research Center on Learning Disabilities Presentations on RTI (scroll down about halfway on the screen to start the RTI listings)
RTI for Children with Challenging Behaviors
National Association of School Psychologist RTI Primer for Parents
National Association of Special Education Directors Myths about RTI
International Reading Association Response to Intervention in the IDEA
RTI and Universal Design for Learning
Resources for Classroom Interventions

Resources and Guides Explaining Special Education Requirements

The Advocacy Institute's Resources Section Provides information explaining a variety of different special education and NCLB requirements.

Center for Applied Special Technology, article on Accessing the General Curriculum


Section 504/ADA

Section 504 Statute

Section 504 regulations

LD Online's Overview of the IDEA, Section 504 and the ADA

LD Online Section 504 and IDEA: Basic Similarities and Differences

Accommodations under Section 504 and the IDEA



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