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Physical Restraints

Physical Restraints

Physical restraints are becoming more prevalent in public schools. Deciding whether or not to physically restrain a student  requires an understanding of legal requirements, professional  standards, and health and safety issues:
  • You need to know when the law permits the use of physical restraints with students and when the law prohibits the use of physical restraints.

  • You need to know the training requirements for people who perform physical restraints in schools.

  • You need to  know the safety precautions to take to protect the health and safety of the student being restrained and the person restraining the student.

  • You need to know the types of restraints that are most likely to cause “sudden death syndrome” and what you can do to prevent it.

  • You need to know if your school has a policy about physical restraints that addresses legal requirements  and health and safety concerns.

Preventing Physical Restraints in Schools: A Guide for  Parents, Educators & Professionals provides answers to these questions along with suggestions to help meet legal requirements and protect the health and safety of students and staff. It includes the following information:

  • An explanation of physical restraints and related topics like “aversives.”
  • The legal requirements for using positive behavioral interventions and supports to help prevent the need for restraints.
  • An explanation of some of the health and safety risks of using physical restraints and   steps to take to help reduce risks.
  • Resources to help address student behavior and develop programs that eliminate or reduce the need to use physical restraints.
  • An explanation of the legal requirements for using physical restraints in schools.
  • An explanation of the legal requirements for using  physical restraints with students with disabilities under the IDEA, including the  2004 revisions to the IDEA, and Section 504.
  • An explanation of the training requirements for school staff that perform restraints in  schools.
  • Suggestions to help develop policies and  programs that comply with legal requirements  and address student and staff safety.
  • Sample school policies on physical restraints and sample forms to report the use of physical  restraints.
  • Suggestions for parents to help them get the information they need to make decisions about whether restraints are appropriate for their child.

The book is a one of a kind resource. The book is also available as an E-Book that is searchable and that has links to the chapters and sections within the book so that you can easily go from one place to another in the text of the book. The E-Book also has links to outside websites and resources cited in the book.

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